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Why ECDL Certification Matters!

  • The Ecdl Certificate demonstrates Basic Computer Competance
  • Across a suite of Computer Programmes
  • Employers value ECDL as a benchmark of Computer Literacy
  • Higher Education Institutions recognise ECDL as an in – demand Skillset

Now is the time to upgrade your Computer Skills, and achieve EDCL Certification in the latest Version of Office Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations or Databases.

ecdl cert
ECDL is Recognised Worldwide as a Certification in Computer proficiency


4 Modules, including ECDL Certificate

Classroom Course with 1 to 1 Tuition

Flexible Times with Tailored tuition to suit your Individual requirements
reviews from cl;ients
  • Study with the latest technology using Interactive Lessons.
  • Study at your own pace 24 / 7
  • Learn new Skills and bring your IT Skills to an Internationally Accredited Level

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