Certified Data Protection Practitioner

GDPR is coming!

Become a Data Protection Practitioner by completing Ireland’s first Certified data protection practitioner programme.
3 Day Course, Cork, Clayton Hotel, July 3 – 5 

 Delivered by The Irish Computer Society

Who should attend

Anyone who fulfils an information security or data protection role including secretaries, financial workers, project managers, health sector staff, customer support, etc.

If you require a highly detailed overview and analysis of what data protection is, this is the best course of its kind.

Please note, this qualification satisfies the entry requirements for the European Certified Data Protection Officer Programme.

What you will learn

  • Learn about core data protection principles, types of data (personal,sensitive personal, etc.) and how they fit into current legislation (e.g. The Data Protection Act)
  • The syllabus focuses on how the data protection principles work in practice, and on the promotion of good practice within organisations.
  • You will learn about privacy through real world examples, and what counts as private in today’s world
  • Understand and distinguish between data protection roles (Subject, Controller, Processor), in particular the role of the Data Processor
  • Discover what kinds of circumstances are exempt from data protection legislation
  • Learn what role the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office plays in regulation and enforcement of data protection legislation

Book your place at this event, Cost: €1975.00