Computer Essentials


Computer Essentials.

The Computer Essentials module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the use of devices, file creation and management, networks, and data security.

On completion of the Computer Essentials module the candidate will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts relating to ICT, computers, devices and software.
  • Start up and shut down a computer.
  • Work effectively on the computer desktop using icons, windows.
  • Adjust the main operating system settings and use built-in help features.
  • Create a simple document and print an output.
  • Know about the main concepts of file management and be able to efficiently organise files and folders.
  • Understand key storage concepts and use utility software to compress and extract large files.
  • Understand network concepts and connection options and be able to connect to a network.
  • Understand the importance of protecting data and devices from malware, and the importance of backing up data.
  • Recognise considerations relating to green IT, accessibility, and user health.
  • ECDL Test Computer Essentials

    A 45 minute online test to be completed by the Candidate.
    To Pass, a result of 75% or greater is needed.
    Result is delivered after completion of the test.
    Test Certificate is received within 1 week.