Gdpr Course – Staff Awareness

GDPR Data Protection Online Course

Data Protection – Staff Awareness 

Do you comply with the new EU Data Protection Regulation?

This Course covers the key areas of personal data security in the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation. It is provided to help companies identify anticipated areas of non-compliance in advance of the Regulation coming into force. Find out if you are GDPR ready!

This Course is ideal for Staff Members to become aware of the principles of GDPR Data Protection.

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Course Content:

module 1 – overview

  • What is data protection?
  • Who does GDPR apply to?
  • What does GDPR apply to?
  • Knowledge Check

module 2
– principles

  • Principles of GDPR
  • Lawfulness
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge Check

module 3
– rights

  • Individuals Rights
  • Knowledge Check

module 4
– responsibilities

  • GDPR Responsibilities
  • Breach Notification
  • Knowledge Check
  • Conclusion

This Video Course is ideal for Staff Members to become aware of the GDPR Data Protection responsibilities and procedures with the introduction of the EU Wide GDPR regulations.